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Microvalves for Refreshable Braile Displays

The medical devices group develops medical microdevices and tools by leveraging from Orbital Research's core technologies (advanced controls and MEMS / Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems). The group has been developing rehabilitation and diagnostics solutions to improve clinical outcomes and patient's satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. Some examples of our product applications include: Flexible Dry Physiological Recording Electrodes, Refreshable Braille Display and Respiratory Drug Delivery System.Orbital Research is developing a revolutionary cost-effective solution for the visually impaired individuals to access computer/electronic based information. The refreshable Braille display system effectively provides a computer monitor for blind individuals. The utility and rate of adoption of existing products are low and limited due to high acquisition costs and maintenance requirements coupled with high-weight and small display size. Orbital Research's solution utilizes an innovative low-power, fast acting, and low-cost advanced controls and Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) micro-valve technology to create an 8-dot multiple-line refreshable Braille display.
We have developed technology that leads to affordable screen interface displays with increased performance and versatility. The visually impaired community has revealed strong interest and support for our innovative display systems and for the promising advantages.
Orbital Research has licensed the microvalve technology to iACTIV Corporation.

photo of microvalve wafer

Figure 1 - Photograph of microvalves on a silicon wafer

microvalve photo collage

Figure 2 - Top-left photograph of die containing eight microvalves; top-right: photograph of assembled and packed eight-microvalve system; bottom: two views of valve array package showing valve output port assignments.

braille display

Figure 3 - Refreshable multi-line Braille display system


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