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Electrode Designs

Orbital Research Inc. The medical devices group develops medical microdevices and tools by leveraging Orbital Research's core technologies (advanced controls and MEMS / Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems). The group has been developing diagnostic, commercial, and rehabilitation solutions to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. Two examples of our product applications include: Dry Electrodes (ECG) and Refreshable Braille Display.

Dry Electrode

Orbital Research has successfully produced an FDA cleared, extended-wear dry physiologic electrode with a clean ECG signal. Orbital's dry electrode effectiviely improves comfort and patient compliance by eliminating the need for aggressive skin preparation and the use of iritating adhesives and electrolytic gels. Increaded patient comfort and compliance allows for long term continuous cardiac monitoring. Click for additional dry electrode info.

Refreshable Braille Display

photo of braille displayOrbital Research is developing a revolutionary cost-effective solution for visually impaired individuals to access computer/electronic based information. The refreshable Braille display system effectively provides a computer monitor for blind individuals.


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Dry Electrode Specifications [PDF]

The ORI F6T Dry ECG Monitoring Electrode was FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device -Dec. 2006 [PDF]

Comparison of ECG Signal Quality between a Dry Electrode and a Standard Gel Electrode (ACSM Abstract) [PDF]

MEMS Microvalve Array [PDF]

Microvalves for Refreshable Braille Displays






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