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Dry Electrodes:
The Solution

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Comfortable Alternative

Years of research and design iterations at Orbital Research Inc. have resulted in a cost effective dry recording electrode that maintains consistent signal quality throughout its life cycle. It also provides a more comfortable alternative to the standard gel based electrode and is capable of remaining in place longer.

Surface Features

The patented surace-features of the Orbital Research dry electrode circumvent the need for electrolytic solution and aggressive skin preparation. The electrically conductive “surface features ” engage with the stratum corneum (SC), allowing ion transduction without removing the SC or depending on a conductive solution. These features add comfort and function to the electrode while consistently capturing a low artifact signal. Signal quality is maintained regardless of the type or duration of activity while the electrodes are being worn.


ORI has devoted substantial effort to develop a fixation system that is comfortable and functional. The Cardioware harness applications include:

    Extended Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring
    Sports Performance
    Lifestyle Management
    First Responders
    Disease Management

Cardioware vs. Standard 12 Lead ECG

Orbital's Harness12 Lead ECG

The harness holds 5 leads which allows for a derived 12 lead system. Other that the high quality signal the harness offers faster don/doff time, mobile monitoring, and elimination of loose lead cables.

For additional information about ORI's innovative approach, click here.


Recent Achievements

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