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The Aerodynamics Group at Orbital Research, Inc. is active in a wide variety of research and engineering efforts that are focused on the design and development of advanced Active Flow Control systems for aircraft and missiles. ORI employs state-of-the-art solutions utilizing exploratory wind tunnel experiments coupled with high-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to advance through the concept-to-development stages in a very time and cost-efficient manner. Since its inception in 1992, ORI has a proven excellent track record of successful research programs funded by U.S. government agencies, including Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), Army, Air Force, and Special Operations Command (SOCOM). ORI has also been collaborating with large aerospace corporations for specific R&D programs.

Recent Achievements

Aerodynamics Group Overview [PDF]

Active Flow Control for Aerodynamic Enhancement (Reprint from Air Force SBIR: Impact) [PDF]

1997 NASA Spin-offs Article: Wing Flutter Control [PDF]

AIAA Aerospace America Recognizes ORI-Excerpt

AIAA Paper Summaries:

Advanced Missile Control at High Alpha -Excerpt

Active Transparent Stall Control System-Excerpt

Active Virtual Shaping of Air Vehicles-Excerpt

Range and Controls Extension for Munitions-Excerpt

Reconfigurable Porosity for Flow Control-Excerpt

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Flow Control Research-Excerpt



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