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Advanced Systems

Orbital Research's Advanced Controls create custom control solutions for our customers by leveraging our portfolio of proprietary control algorithms with our extensive experience in state of the art control design. We offer a complete range of control solutions that combines our expertise in modern control techniques, advanced nonlinear control approaches, nontraditional methods and artificial intelligence with our expertise in automation, GNC, and autonomous vehicle control. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals and develop a competitive advantage for their products by providing unmatched control design capabilities and outstanding engineering solutions.

Recent Achievements


RAAMS (Rapid Adaptive Asset Management System) [PDF]

Advanced Controls Group [PDF]

Linear Adaptive Control [PDF]

Adaptive Non-Linear Control [PDF]

Neural Networks for Control [PDF]

Mobile Cargo Handling [PDF]

Modular & Flexible Heavy Ordnance Handling [PDF]

Swarm Algorithms [PDF]

1997 NASA Spin-offs Article: Wing Flutter Control [PDF]

Swarm Demo

Avionics Magazine Reprint: UAV's That Swarm [PDF]

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